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To join the Bayview Chamber of Commerce,

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Bayview Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 121

Bayview, Idaho 83803

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Bayview Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

To enhance the small town atmosphere while promoting economic growth without compromising our natural resources.


Development Analysis Committee

Charter (as of 2015)

Farragut State Park Communication Committee

Charter (as of 2015)

Raffle Fundraisers Guidelines

Charter (as of 2015)

To the friends of Bayview,

The Bayview Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in helping to keep our community a great place to live. The Chamber is both a business-oriented and a community-oriented organization. The Chamber members get together once a month in a town-meeting style format that takes action on complaints and suggestions from residents and businesses. Some of the issues the Chamber has addressed in recent years are:


Actively supported a Senior/Community Center (which ultimately resulted in State and private grants that allowed for its construction).

Supported Bayview Water and Sewer District (which resulted in the building of the present sewer system). Also extending Bayview water to Cape Horn.

Addressed the need for our own control over zoning issues (the Chamber has been directly involved with the County and its Comprehensive Plan).

Sponsor of the Avista Utilities Bayview natural gas and the Verizon cell phone tower feasibility studies.

Sponsor for the removal of selected trees to form a firebreak between Farragut State Park and Bayview.

Assisted in the establishment of a stoplight at Highway 54 and Highway 95 intersection.

Sponsors a Lakeland School District student to attend Girl's State.

Sponsors a local Little League team

Supports the local COPs (Citizens on Patrol) program

Supports the development of the Garden Park adjacent to the Community Center and participates in the fund raising and planning for completion of the Tot-lot in Bayview in cooperation with Kootenai County Parks.


The Chamber has been instrumental in establishing the Kokanee research and recovery effort through the Northwest Power Planning Council.

We formed a Community Action Council that persuaded the U.S. Navy to do extensive research on the effects of their ISMS range through the University of Idaho.

Prevented a sewage dump from being established near Farragut Village.

Lobbied to prevent logging on Bernard Peak and to protect the mountain goat habitat.

Intervened in the Sage Creek logging operation. This eliminated clear cutting and established a 300' buffer around all streams.

Formed a committee to participate in the Farragut State Park long-term management plan.


Sponsor an annual July 4th celebration including a great fireworks display.

Sponsor an annual Christmas bazaar and festival.

Sponsor Athol Elementary School Earth Day activities.

We have had speakers address the Chamber meetings on issues such as incorporation, jobs and employment, noxious weed control, local crime control, improvement of highway district services, Farragut State Park issues, local medical care, and many other topics. We have many future plans, but need your input!

As a non-profit organization, we are supported solely by membership dues and fund raising activities, such as, our bi-annual raffles in which we sell 100 tickets at $20 each, and split the sales 50/50. The winner gets $1000 and the Chamber keeps $1000 from each raffle. This fund raising effort supports many types of worthy causes and has enabled us to help support the operation of the Community Center for the past six years. This, in turn, keeps the cost of using the Center at the absolute minimum.

Membership dues are:

Individual $10.00 per year

Business $40.00 per year

We would sincerely appreciate your support and participation in the Bayview Chamber of Commerce. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Bayview Community Center. We all look forward to seeing you soon!

Joining the

Bayview Chamber of Commerce is EASY!

Just click the application

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then mail to:

Bayview Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 121

Bayview, ID 83803-0121